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Wekelijks komen er veel albums uit.
Maar er springt er meestal 1 uit die tot "Album van de Week" word gekozen.
Deze week:

Kayak - Out of this world

There’s never been a band embracing eclecticism as much as the Dutch progressive rock act
. Over the course of a 48-year-long career, the band have truly established themselves as one of the most successful progressive rock acts of Europe. The result is eighteen studio albums, out of which the latest one,
“Out of this World,”
and is released on May 7th, 2021, via
InsideOut Music
. Let’s see if these 70 minutes of progressive rock are as out of this world as its album title.
Listen to the album via Spotify or deezer..


Out Of This World (6:08)
Waiting (4:04)
Under A Scar (6:29)
Kaja (3:15)
Mystery (3:57)
Critical Mass (7:10)
As The Crow Flies (4:09)
The Way She Said Goodbye (3:17)
Traitor’s Gate (3:19)
Distance To Your Heart (4:19)
Red Rag To A Bull (4:17)
One By One (4:15)
A Writer’s Tale (9:29)
Cary (2:58)
Ship Of Theseus (3:42)
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