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Wekelijks komen er veel albums uit.
Maar er springt er meestal 1 uit die tot "Album van de Week" word gekozen.
Deze week:

Maroon 5 - Jordy
No space is safe from the heaviness of our times — even, it appears, a Maroon 5 record. The tone of Adam Levine and company’s seventh LP is downright elegiac. “Toast to the ones that we lost on the way,” Levine offers on “Memories,” a sweet, somber, genuinely felt ballad, with a melody borrowed from Pachelbel’s Canon. Jordi is named after and dedicated to Jordan Feldstein, the band’s manager and a friend of Adam’s since childhood, who passed away in 2017, just as the band was releasing its last album, Red Pill Blues.
Earlier on the LP, we get the single, “Nobody’s Love,” an elegantly plaintive tune that Levine has said he hopes will “give everyone a moment of peace and reflection” after recent traumas like Covid-19 and the murder of George Floyd. Lyrically, the song is almost content-free, just another smooth ditty about moving past heartache, but there’s a certain realist honesty in that, too: Sugary escape has always been what Maroon 5 have done, and, coming from these guys, it’s certainly a better response than forced corporate-branding #BLM signifying. Even the remix of “Memories” with YG and the late Nipsey Hussle, the duo who made “FDT,” doesn’t try to politicize its sentiment of personal loss. Lane, consider yourself stayed in.
source: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-album-reviews/maroon-five-jordi-1182454/


  1. Beautiful Mistakes," feat. Megan thee Stallion
  2. "Lost"
  3. "Echo," feat. blackbear
  4. "Lovesick"
  5. "Remedy," feat. Stevie Nicks
  6. "Seasons"
  7. "One Light," feat. Bantu
  8. "Convince Me Otherwise," feat. H.E.R.
  9. "Nobody’s Love"
  10. "Can't Leave You Alone," feat. Juice WRLD
  11. "Memories"
  12. "Memories (Remix)," feat. Nipsey Hussle & YG
  13. "Button," feat. Anuel AA & Tainy*
  14. "Lifestyle" (Jason Derulo feat. Adam Levine)*
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