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Wekelijks komen er veel albums uit.
Maar er springt er meestal 1 uit die tot "Album van de Week" word gekozen.
Deze week:

Vangelis - Juno to Jupiter
* * * * *

Vangelis fans, who happened to buy the digital release from Presto Classical and possess detailed knowledge of his entire discography, could acknowledge with a contented smile that the entire album is absolutely unmistakably the work of the Greek master, with entirely new tracks.

Not only that each track has, as it will become apparent in the review below, signature sounds and technical aspects we encountered on some of the most fondly remembered Vangelis releases of previous decades, but... each track perfectly expresses its respective title, and they perfectly blend together into a truly epic musical adventure.

It is considered "old-fashioned" nowadays in electronic music, which is understood by many to be just EDM, to have a proper and programmatic approach to composition. Well, Vangelis, once again, approaches the album's concepts with meticulously developed and executed compositional intent.

Each track is a musical description and an enthralling artistic interpretation of that track's theme - and it all fits into a phenomenal and truly epic journey through time and space. It takes us from references to ancient mythology to the vast spectacles staged by the giant of our Solar System.

As this is a Vangelis album, this is not a cold, cerebral space ambient work.

Even if it had been, and even if it had resorted to classic space-rock means, one could still point out that, well, most of those musical means were actually invented and made instantly recognisable by Vangelis...

However, this is a passionate, epic, genuinely enchanting record, with seemingly superhuman imagination and compositional skills taking us from the most serene and ethereal harmonies to the most thundering unleashings of cosmic forces one can possibly imagine.

  1. Atlas’ Push (3:40)
  2. Inside Our Perspectives (3:32)
  3. Out in Space (4:14)
  4. Juno’s Quiet Determination (5:17)
  5. Jupiter’s Intuition (3:58)
  6. Juno’s Power (4:09)
  7. Space’s Mystery Road (4:17)
  8. In the Magic of Cosmos (2:07)
  9. Juno’s Tender Call (3:42)
    met Angela Gheorghiu
  10. Juno’s Echoes (3:38)
  11. Juno’s Ethereal Breeze (1:31)
  12. Jupiter’s Veil of Clouds (5:17)
  13. Hera / Juno Queen of the Gods (4:21)
    met Angela Gheorghiu
  14. Zeus Almighty (11:00)
  15. Jupiter Rex (1:36)
  16. Juno’s Accomplishments (4:22)
    met Angela Gheorghiu
  17. Apo 22 (1:53)
  18. In Serenitatem (4:14)
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